Healing I, II, and III, 1993

Oil-based screen print on silk chiffon

150 x 150 cm


Chinese herbs were used to make up fictitious Chinese characters, which were then sewn onto sheets of seaweed. The final result was photographed and then the image enlarged before being screen printed on to fine silk chiffon.


The end result was a series of delicate fabric hangings supported by a bamboo frame.


Private collection - Melbourne, Australia

Taboo - Crotch 1993

Taboo - Tongue 1993

Taboo - Feet 1993

Oil-based screen print on Japanese paper

60 x 80 cm


Taboo is about being a modern day Chinese woman coming to grips with cultural obligations, social customs and expectations.


Body parts were made out of clay, before being photographed together with other made objects. The final images were transferred to a screen and then printed.


Shortlisted for a Highly Commended Award, 15th UOB Painting Of the Year Competition, 1996, Singapore.

Private collection - United Overseas Bank of Singapore (UOB)


Series title: Waiting For You, 1998

Dry point etchings on Japanese hand-made paper.

Size variable

Autobiography Series 1 and 2, 1993-1999

Screen print on paper

70 x 100 cm


A series of screen prints of a vaguely autobiographical nature.

Private collections including the Singapore Art Museum, and Leo Burnett Singapore.