People have always been a regular feature of my work, which is often a commentary on humanity and society in general.

The latest body of work, The Physics of Life series, attempts to do a couple of things.

The first is to have fun with people’s perception of being human. We live in a solid, three-dimensional world but we are surrounded by things that are not solid. Our consciousness is by no means solid. In fact an atom is full of empty space.

The thing that’s been nagging me the past 20+ years (which is a long time to be nagged) is the issue of consciousness. Since much of my work is the result of bringing together ideas of science and spirituality,

Screenprint on clear acetate sheets, folded, bent and twisted into shapes.

there is no avoiding consciousness.

One interesting theory is that our consciousness resides in another, higher, dimension, as proposed by Rudolf Steiner. This idea fascinated me. For this reason, I began to create work that could communicate the idea of shifting dimensions. Experimentation began by screen-printing figures on clear acetate or acylic sheets, and subsequently manipulating them (folding, bending, fixing, etc) so that the flat print becomes an object.

We think we exist on one plane, a particular dimension, but what happens if we draw back and are able to see the bigger picture? Like the figures on the print, we merely float on the surface of a particular dimension and are unable to sense or experience other dimensions.

The Physics of Life, 2014

Screenprint on copolyester and OHP film.

57 x 70 x 75cm

stuck, 2014

Drawing on acetate. Photographed with its shadow.

stuck in 3D, 2014

Drawing on acetate and acrylic box.

Photographed with its shadow.

Shadow of drawing on sculpture.

Actual sculpture.

Screenprint on OHP film, folded.

Web, 2014

Drawing and screenprint on acetate Photographed with its shadow.

The Physics of Life (freestanding), 2014, Screenprint on copolyester. 57 x 70 x 75cm

The Physics of Life - Atom (suspended against the wall), 2014

Screenprint on copolyester.

57 x 70 x 75cm

The Physics of Life (suspended against the wall), 2014

Screenprint on copolyester.

57 x 70 x 75cm

Web, 2014

Drawing and screenprint on acetate.

Photo: Mark Perry

“We might come to believe that the thing that matters in art is a sort of energy, something more or less like electricity or radioactivity, a force transfusing, welding and unifying. You may make what image you like.”  Ezra Pound, 1885 - 1972.